May 2010

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Motivation moves us forward. Motivation shows up everywhere in our lives – from the execution of mundane tasks to inspired and visionary actions. Every one of us is driven by a unique set of life circumstances and genetics that propels us in one way or another.

Some women are motivated most of the time whereas others need to find ways to keep energized and inspired. The reason for this has to do with intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, one of the keys to understanding motivation. [click to continue…]

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Coaching has come of age since its emergence in the late 1980s. The coaching profession evolved from a branch of psychology known as the field of “Positive Psychology.” Today the coaching field combines mentoring, training and motivation and is here to stay. [click to continue…]

The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun by Dr. Kamen e-book cover

Striving to create a meaningful website and blog, DrKamen: Gaining Balance and Strategies for Happiness, I write several posts each week. When the blog launched in January 2010, writing these posts felt like a daunting task. I labored over the composition of each one. Now several months and 70 posts later, I feel as though I found my stride, with the help of your insightful comments and encouragement.

To address the main focus of the blog – balance and happiness – I would like to share with you my first e-Book, The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun. Please read it at your leisure and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. [click to continue…]

Lisa Tener headshot

Creative writer and book coach, Lisa Tener, quotes Brenda Ueland, “I learned that you should feel when writing, not like Lord Byron on a mountain top, but like a child stringing beads in kindergarten – happy, absorbed and quietly putting one bead on after another.” These words capture Lisa’s keenness for her craft and modesty about her accomplishments. Her creative mind contemplates writing projects and ideas for interesting angles and perspectives for her book-coaching clients.

We first met at the Harvard Writing and Publishing Course, where Lisa was leading a workshop on developing a more compelling writing style. She arrived with her newborn baby in one arm and her papers in the other. A minute before the session began her mother-in-law scooped up her beautiful boy and Lisa began her talk without missing a beat. Her workshop drew me into the world of writing creative non-fiction. I knew when I began my blog, that Lisa was sure to be one of my inspiring women. [click to continue…]

Woman writing in journal at sunset

Years ago the ritual of journal writing or keeping a diary was common. Today few people recognize the power and profound benefits behind this practice. In the field of psychology, journal writing is considered to be one of the key ingredients to making true behavioral change. It is often said that, “If you can track it, you can change it.” [click to continue…]


Finding your Flow

by Dr. Kamen

Closeup of water droplet

Incorporating ‘flow activities‘ into your everyday life is one of the keys to gaining balance and happiness.

Remember as a kid how you got lost building castles on the beach, swimming, roller skating with friends, play games – those are examples of flow activities. As adults when we spend time reading, writing, gardening, dancing, painting or spending time with good friends we find ourselves getting lost in the moment in similar ways. Flow activities are those states of effortless attention and concentration on a project that evokes pleasurable feelings. [click to continue…]

Julie Silver, M.D., headshot

Julie Silver, M.D., the inspiring director of Harvard Medical School’s compelling conference on Publishing Books, Memoirs and other Creative Nonfiction, encourages participants with their writing efforts and guides them down the path to becoming published authors. Networking opportunities with agents, publishers, editors, and fellow writers abound at this annual conference.

My first time attending the three-day Harvard publishing course, I sat listening, absorbing, percolating. A book I wanted to write was beginning to take shape in my mind, although initially I knew little of the process. For six months I did nothing except mull over all the new information I had been subliminally processing.

Lisa Tener portrait Lisa Tener

One rainy afternoon I decided to sign up for Lisa Tener’s writing course. We met at the conference and I thought being accountable to Lisa and the internet based group would help me stay focused. The course was designed for students to create a first rough draft by the end of six weeks.

Those six weeks flew by and I ended up with little more than scattered note cards and random pages of incoherence. Nevertheless I had begun my journey. I jumped into the murky waters of writing and while I hated the frustration of writing, I loved the magic when I succeeded in expressing my thoughts in a meaningful way.

Another conference and several months later an outline emerged from the scribbles. I kept on writing, as advised at the conference, without much concern for editorial help. “Write fast. Edit slow.” These words keep running through my mind.

Jeanne Fredericks, literary agent

In time I got some editorial help and began to cultivate my style and voice, which I continue to do. My proposal took shape. About nine months later, I landed a first rate literary agent. Jeanne Fredericks of Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency has been my guiding light ever since. She encouraged me to become a thought leader in my field and to develop a social media presence.

Writing books today encompasses much more than being the author of a book. It is about being able to communicate to readers in a variety of media outlets.

As I navigate through this compelling writing voyage, I find myself experiencing surprising opportunities.

Lisa with DrRKG Regina Brooks, literary agent, writing coach Lisa Tener and Dr. Randy Kamen

I recently completed yet another Harvard writing and publishing course. Thanks to Dr. Julie Silver, director extraordinaire, for this most extraordinary conference that truly helps people bring their books to life.


Meet Judy Quint

by Dr. Kamen

Judy Quint headshot

Judy Quint exercises the way most women breathe. It is an essential component of her life. So far she has become a certified Zumba® instructor, an attorney specializing in real estate transactions, and a devoted daughter, wife, mother and friend. She has run the Boston Marathon and beaten a rare disease into submission. One gets the feeling there isn’t anything Judy Quint cannot do once she puts her mind to it. She exudes enthusiasm, passion and a lovely, gentle energy. [click to continue…]

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