October 2010

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How can you balance: love, work, and fun?

How can you fill yourself so that you have more energy, motivation and the capacity to give without feeling depleted?

How can you strengthen your level of happiness, resilience, support and mindfulness?

The What Women Need Coaching Group is about creating your vision and goals and turning possibilities into realities. The conversations and coaching that take place and the quality of the connections, propel participants into clarifying and realizing personal and professional goals and dreams.

Randy Kamen Gredinger, Ed.D. psychologist and life coach will be leading the group. Please read my bio and press page for more information about my background and experience.

A new WWN Coaching Group is beginning on Tuesday evening, December 7th from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Meetings will be monthly. There will be 8-10 participants in the group. For flow, continuity and maximum results a six month commitment is required. Each 3 hour session is $125.

Some of the words women have used to describe how they feel in WWN Coaching Group:inspired… energized… connected… motivated… recharged… optimistic… strengthened… enlivened… happier…”

I hope you will join us for this group. There are several spots available. Please feel free to recommend this coaching group to other women.

The WWN Coaching Group will meet  in Wayland, MA. Tea and light yummy snacks will be served. I hope you will be able to join this dynamic atmosphere and connect with an awesome group of women.

Register on my website DrRKG.com or by email Randy@DrRKG.com with the attached registration form. Contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

With light and inspiration,


Randy Kamen Gredinger,Ed.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Life Coach

Individual coaching consultations are also available upon request.

Deadline for application: December 1st, 2010

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Learn the practice of meditation. This is an audio clip from a recent event where I presented at Emerson Hospital in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital called “Girls Night Out.”


Here is an abbreviated example of a meditation that I often teach. I’ll begin with a brief relaxation exercise and then move right into the actual meditation. Enjoy! [click to continue…]


This video describes some of the essential characteristics of the happiest women.

[click to continue…]

Post image for Linda Joy: Inspiring One Woman at a Time

Linda Joy exudes passion, fierce determination and great kindness. She takes pleasure in turning people on to her hard won secrets and strategies. Linda shares her expertise with disarming enthusiasm. “Let me help you.” “You can do this.” “That’s easy. Let me show you.” These are heartfelt expressions that roll off her tongue with ease and authenticity. Linda singlehandedly cultivated a successful life path for herself and her beautiful daughter, refusing to let financial struggles stop her from building the life she envisioned.

Born in Taunton, MA, Linda grew up the oldest of four children and took the reins as caregiver to her younger siblings. She dropped out of high school feeling overwhelmed, confused and probably a little burnt out. Linda knew without a high school degree she would not have the best career opportunities nor would she be able to make the most [click to continue…]

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Recently I had the good fortune of meeting the inspirational and highly motivated winner of the reality show, The Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent. At the recent Chat, Chew & Chocolate retreat, Ali shares her compelling story through her lens of fear, doubt and deep shame. Along her path she summons the courage and strength to challenge her greatest beliefs about herself. Ali pushes through her pain and loss and emerges not only the winner of The Biggest Loser, but fully embraces the empowered woman that she has become.

How did she find the motivation? How did she dare to stare her demons down? What lessons can we derive from her excruciating journey [click to continue…]

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There is a powerful movement all around us. Can you feel it? Women are transforming, using their intuition and coming together to make a difference in their personal lives and in the world.

This weekend twenty women met at the Sanctuary Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona to look deeply inside themselves, learn some vital strategies, speak their truths and figure out how to access their beauty and wisdom.

Dena Patton, founder of Chat Chew & Chocolate, organized the retreat and invited speakers [click to continue…]

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What Women Need Coaching Groups are facilitated forums in which women support each other in managing life’s challenges and transitions. Women gathering in these groups invariably create an atmosphere of sharing, laughter, inspiration and guidance. [click to continue…]

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