November 2011

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New WWN Coaching Group will be starting in September 2012!

After a hiatus following a period of personal loss, I am looking forward to firing up my women’s groups again.

What Women Need Coaching Groups are about women supporting each other in managing life’s challenges and transitions. Women who gather in these groups inevitably create an atmosphere of sharing, inspiration, strategies and transformation.

WWN Coaching Groups are about creating your vision and turning possibilities into realities. The conversations that take place, and the quality of the connections, propel participants to clarify goals, dreams and direction, personally and professionally.

Each member has the opportunity to share about her life and receive 360-degree feedback at each session. In addition, new skills will be taught, so that you build a repertoire of strategies that enhance your resiliency and capacity to lead your most fulfilling life.

WWN Schedule for 2012

Journaling and Breathing Strategies

Metta Meditation and Compassion

Self-Hypnosis and Visualization

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Taking in the Good

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Give yourself and your loved ones the best gift of all by focusing on the magic and true spirit of the holiday season. Often busyness, expectations and multitasking eclipse the essence of the holidays. Savor the holiday season and create new memories.

Here are 10 ways to maximize this merry month:

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Rachel developed gratitude in the face of personal loss. She learned one of the secrets to becoming happier and more optimistic. Rachel changed the way she perceived herself and others by incorporating a greater sense of appreciation into her daily life.

She found herself going to bed each night feeling a sense of loss, anger and loneliness. Rachel recently ended her three-year relationship with her charming and quite handsome live-in boyfriend after discovering through a trusted girlfriend that Richard had been repeatedly unfaithful. Everyone seemed to know but Rachel.

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