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My Body My Self

by Dr. Kamen

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While taking one of my favorite bikram yoga classes, my teacher came along and slowly nudged me into a deeper position. Ordinarily I like to move at my own pace and I don’t allow anyone to move my body into position. I know my body better than anyone and I figure it’s been serving me well all these years, so I generally choose to go at my own speed.

This one evening I dragged myself to class after sitting for hours in my office. The instructor made her way around the room. “Breathe” she said, “I think you can go deeper still.” I took slow measured breaths and on the exhalation, tried letting go. She placed her hands gently on my back and hips and told me [click to continue…]

Woman dissatisfied with distorted image of rear end in mirror

What woman has not struggled with her own complicated feelings about her body image and self esteem? The pressure to look a certain way is so deeply embedded in our collective psyches that we forget about the media’s hypnotic effect on our self perception. Instead we have internalized the notion that we are fat, misshapen, sagging, wrinkled and flawed. Looking in the mirror becomes inextricably intertwined with lowered self-worth.

“Images of female bodies are everywhere. Women – and their body parts – sell everything from food to cars. Popular film and television actresses are becoming younger, taller, and thinner,” according to the Media Awareness Network. [click to continue…]

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Photos directly above by Laura Bergstein, all rights reserved; Portrait Photography of Dr.Randy Kamen by Janet Wolbarst Photography