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“We have to recover the art of making ourselves central,” said Gloria Steinem addressing more than 6,500 women at the 6th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women earlier this month. The keynote speakers included the renowned Gloria Steinem, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Elizabeth Lesser, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Christy Turlington Burns and Tory Johnson. The focus was on women [click to continue…]

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Sandra King speaks with her melodic Jamaican accent, “Leadership requires you to be confident and not afraid to take risks.” After years of marketing positions in greater Boston, Sandra King emerged as a leader and trailblazer in the field of college marketing in the early 1990’s. Before that, she channeled her mother’s entrepreneurial skills while owning an upscale children’s clothing store in the suburbs. Her work within college environments(Northeastern University, Babson College, and Bentley University) has been transformational with institutional strategic planning, policy development, marketing and problem solving.

She is currently the interim Vice President of Marketing and Communication at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and consulting for a company in Natick, Long Term Solutions. King still finds time to mentor young women [click to continue…]

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Leadership appears in our everyday lives when we engage with our children, spouses, friends and colleagues. Leadership is present when we attend social functions and do our jobs as homemakers, doctors, volunteers, lawyers, business women, or whatever roles we have.

We do not have to define leadership as “dominant” or “superior.” Nor do we need to dichotomize leader vs. follower or superior vs. inferior. In fact, when we behave aggressively and try to dominate, we generally feel less good about ourselves and there is a decrease in self-esteem. When we behave passively [click to continue…]


Dr. Kamen on site at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California 2010.  Here are highlights with Maria Shriver at the helm of her final Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California. A dazzling event for over 30,000 women and a few men too!

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Women are formally stepping into leadership roles more than ever before. But the truth is, women have been leaders in their families, communities, and businesses all along.

According to Martha Beck, life coach and Oprah columnist, certain women are born with the natural tendencies of shamans. These “shaman-types” have historically [click to continue…]

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Photos directly above by Laura Bergstein, all rights reserved; Portrait Photography of Dr.Randy Kamen by Janet Wolbarst Photography www.janetwolbarst.com