Jill Karp sitting on a deck

Jill Karp lives a life filled with purpose, love and adventure. “I’m never fearful of what’s next,” Jill explains. “I’m more excited about what comes next and I feel strongly that until you close one door, it’s really hard to wholeheartedly open another. Change doesn’t bother me.” It is no wonder then that this resilient wife, mother, entrepreneur and world traveler has embraced the transitions in her life during the past couple of years, trading ballet recitals for squatting in Third World huts.

What motivates Jill to create this kind of impact on others and give back in such a deeply committed way? [click to continue…]

Diverse group of people holding hands in a circle

Did you know that the average age of an adventure traveler is not a twenty-something year old male, but rather a 47-year-old female? According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, fifty-two percent of adventure travelers are women and those numbers are rising rapidly.

As women become more powerful in the workforce, they are also finding themselves interested in compelling philanthropic travel adventures around the globe that help improve the lives of others. [click to continue…]

Magician David Blaine in Times Square to raise money for Haiti - photo: ABC News

Yesterday, a crisp, blue-skied day in NYC, my daughter and I strolled through the streets. When we reached Times Square, David Blaine, the famed magician, was mesmerizing thousands of bystanders to raise money for Haiti. There were also several college students holding signs “Free hugs here.” They would put their signs down as people came up to them in need of the tenderhearted contact. Those who were not spellbound by the magic, were drawn in by the warmth and caring that pervaded this enclave. [click to continue…]

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Photos directly above by Laura Bergstein, all rights reserved; Portrait Photography of Dr.Randy Kamen by Janet Wolbarst Photography