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Post image for Key Strategies to Savor the Winter Months

Rachel, an administrative assistant with a vibrant personality never fails to light up a room and bring a sense of joy to her coworkers. That is, until January hits. Something about the cold, dark months in New England ushers Rachel into her cocoon where she hides until the days get longer and brighter. She shows up for work, but struggles every step of [click to continue…]

Post image for Self-Disclosure and Finding the Right Person to Talk With – Part 2

Archives of research reveal that women of all ages and circumstances have feelings of isolation, inadequacy and the fear of sharing their personal stories. It is important to find trustworthy people who will listen without judgment, enhancing our willingness to self-disclose. Ideally, the person you choose to [click to continue…]

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Do you sometimes feel that time is going by too quickly?

Do you worry that you are not only racing against the clock, but that you are not enjoying your days enough?

You can learn to experience the feeling of time being expanded. There is a way to slow down the pace, be in the moment and accomplish more than you would have [click to continue…]

Post image for Ramping Up Your Positivity with Flow Activities

Do you sometimes wish you could adjust your negative way of looking at life to a more positive perspective?

Consider it, because the ratio of your positive thoughts to negative ones has been shown to predict your level of resilience.

Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson discovered that experiencing emotions in a 3-to-1 ratio with positive (3) and negative ones (1) leads people to a tipping point that allows them to naturally experience [click to continue…]

Post image for Finding your Purpose and Passion in 2011

As human beings we often dream of living better, more fulfilling lives. We wish to create lives for ourselves and our families that are happy, purposeful and passionate. We can not only dream about creating more gratifying lives, but we also possess the cognitive ability to strategize and plan to achieve [click to continue…]

Post image for The Benefits and Practice of Meditation: Part 1

Most of us live in a perpetual state of doing, doing, doing: creating lists, striving, working hard, reaching for goals, running on empty. Cultivating the capacity for stillness in the midst of your busy day can yield enormous benefits. The ability to be still… can nourish and sustain the mind and body in ways that might seem hard to fathom.  These moments are like micro-vacations, providing relief from the stress of our every day lives. They can allow us to reconnect with a deeper part of ourselves. These moments can also provide reframes and mood alterations. The unconscious mind can reveal [click to continue…]

Resilient woman photojournalist Margaret Moth who died this week of colon cancer

The resilient woman embodies a tenacious spirit and embraces life in the face of trauma, losses and transitions. She lives a courageous life with a vision of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

The inspiring and fearless photojournalist, Margaret Moth, who recently succumbed to cancer, embodied the spirit of a resilient woman. Pictured here with her camera, Moth embraced adventure and making a difference in the world.

How does one develop the capacity to become resilient when it does not come naturally? Most of us need to learn certain skills and strategies to develop resiliency. [click to continue…]

Creative Brain

“I’m such a loser.” “I look fat.” “Why do I always say so many stupid things?” Lisa repeatedly put herself down and reported feeling increasingly despondent when things went wrong. For years she thought of her life in the most negative light and, not surprisingly, was becoming increasingly anxious.

Lisa judged herself harshly for her parenting skills, saying she was a terrible mother especially when conflicts arose with her teenage son. Social situations were also challenging and Lisa often berated herself afterward. [click to continue…]

Trees in a forest with sunlight streaming into a clearing

“How do I choose the right therapist for me and get the support I need?” When you or someone you know is hurting inside or needs additional support, there are people and resources that can help. The questions I would like to address here are: how do you find the best mental health assistance during a difficult time? What criteria do you look for in choosing a therapist?

The truth is a good therapist is not necessarily measured by her or his training, degree, license, orientation or official listing. While all of these factors do matter, the ultimate test for who is the best match for you depends primarily on the connection felt during the initial meeting. A good therapist should have trained listening skills, be nonjudgmental, be patient and have an accepting attitude. It is important that you feel a sense of comfort and trust. Your gut reaction is probably the truest barometer for knowing if a fit with a particular therapist is a good one. [click to continue…]


Welcome 2010

by Dr. Kamen

Dr. Kamen and daughter

My favorite and only resolution for the coming year is to have more fun. This year my commitment to myself is to clear the decks for at least an hour a day so that I can devote more time to doing things that make me laugh, feel enriched, balanced or energized. Not the usual resolution of  ‘I’m going to work out and get in better shape, cut back on caffeine, eat more vegetables, get to bed earlier or be even be more focused and productive.’

I’m so used to thinking about productivity and self improvement that I sometimes forget that chatting it up with friends or dancing around my living room blasting the classic rock station, powerfully impacts my vitality and ability to stay focused throughout the rest of the day. My resolve is to make sacred time for play.  [click to continue…]

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Photos directly above by Laura Bergstein, all rights reserved; Portrait Photography of Dr.Randy Kamen by Janet Wolbarst Photography www.janetwolbarst.com