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There is a powerful movement all around us. Can you feel it? Women are transforming, using their intuition and coming together to make a difference in their personal lives and in the world.

This weekend twenty women met at the Sanctuary Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona to look deeply inside themselves, learn some vital strategies, speak their truths and figure out how to access their beauty and wisdom.

Dena Patton, founder of Chat Chew & Chocolate, organized the retreat and invited speakers [click to continue…]

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Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly in a state of flux. We awaken to the idea of change or transition when we are struck by something significant – loss, divorce, illness, vacation, birth, or death… Suddenly our worlds have shifted. We see and interpret events through a different lens, perhaps for the moment, perhaps forever.

Change shifts us from one state of being to another. Whether physical, emotional, situational, or spiritual, the human experience is about being in transition. Change is natural and inevitable. It can lead to improvement [click to continue…]


Empty Nest, Full Heart

by Dr. Kamen

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My heart weighed heavy this week. Empty nest pangs gnawing at me yet again. My two college age children headed back to their respective schools in upstate New York and Delaware. I cherished our time together as a family during their summer break as never before. No fancy vacations, no beach time together, none of our usual summer rituals. This summer was devoted to helping Mom get back on her feet after a difficult surgery and reviving her usual active life.

The golden lining of this challenging time was experiencing the depth of love and compassion that deeply bonds our family together. I did not fully appreciate [click to continue…]


Meet Judy Quint

by Dr. Kamen

Judy Quint headshot

Judy Quint exercises the way most women breathe. It is an essential component of her life. So far she has become a certified Zumba® instructor, an attorney specializing in real estate transactions, and a devoted daughter, wife, mother and friend. She has run the Boston Marathon and beaten a rare disease into submission. One gets the feeling there isn’t anything Judy Quint cannot do once she puts her mind to it. She exudes enthusiasm, passion and a lovely, gentle energy. [click to continue…]

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Did you know that the average age of an adventure traveler is not a twenty-something year old male, but rather a 47-year-old female? According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, fifty-two percent of adventure travelers are women and those numbers are rising rapidly.

As women become more powerful in the workforce, they are also finding themselves interested in compelling philanthropic travel adventures around the globe that help improve the lives of others. [click to continue…]

 Lit  memorial candle

Last night I went to yet another shiva. In the Jewish tradition we practice the ritual of shiva when somebody dies. Family, neighbors and members of the community visit the person in mourning – in this case it was a close friend whose father died. We sit together, say prayers, share memories about the lost beloved and eat. We eat to remind us that there is still sweetness and pleasure to be derived for the living. Invariably the shiva turns to reflection, conversation, and sometimes laughter. The energy shifts to one of connection and love. Community is at the core of sitting shiva.

My friends and I have entered a new phase of life. We are a group of friends that evolved over the years from the countless carpools, school committees, fundraisers, sports activities, and back-to-school nights that we shared in raising our children. Most of us also shared the passages of our children as they went through religious rituals. Together we celebrate the happy occasions and blessings in our lives, help each other through difficult transitions and we mourn our losses together. [click to continue…]


Meet Marla Greenfield

by Dr. Kamen

Color headshot of artist Marla Greenfield

Meeting Marla for the first time you would never guess that this successful watercolorist traded a lucrative career in finance for the sake of her creative muse and family harmony. Now the risk she took seems like the right decision but at the time it was far from a sure bet. How did Marla make the transition from high-heels and power suits to paint brushes and canvases?

"An Apple A Day" by Marla Greenfield, watercolor on paper “An Apple A Day” by Marla Greenfield, watercolor on paper

Marla entered the predominantly male investment business directly after receiving her MBA from Boston University in the early 1980, joining the ranks of a small institutional investment banking firm specializing in emerging growth companies. She stepped up to the challenge with gusto, grew fabulous accounts, and became a star on the team. Marla was young, smart, and passionate about her work.

[click to continue…]

Bird soaring over body of water at sunset

My mother asked me to come with my young family from our home in Boston to New York City to visit her and my father for Labor Day weekend. It had been a couple of months since we last saw each other. We exchanged words and I told her I was simply too busy to come for the weekend and we would have to arrange another time. I knew she was not happy. I also knew she did not understand how difficult it was to juggle two children and a busy professional life.

The following morning I received a phone call from my brother-in-law that my mother died. She was seventy-one years old and the picture of health and vitality. As I write this eleven years later, I can still feel the sense of shock and grief at her premature death. I feel her loss every day of my life, especially when there are life passages. I long to tell her about my daughter and my son and the way they are growing and flourishing. I long to tell her “I’m sorry” for not agreeing to come home that weekend. The irony is, of course, that I was home that weekend, but to mourn her death. [click to continue…]


Throughout our lives we are faced with challenges, transitions and losses. How can you find the strength and grace to let go of what is lost? It is about thriving…not just surviving. [click to continue…]


My Empty Nest

by Dr. Kamen

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Saying goodbye to my daughter, Amy, brought up memories of my going off to college. I also felt infused with a sense of loss in the pit of my stomach. I ached for my girl.

I had to remind myself it was a different experience when I left for college, because I knew I would probably not return home for much more than the occasional visit for holidays and assorted life passages.

I took solace in the thought that this would be different for my girl. Amy wanted to come home–-not just for her immediate family, but for her many friends. That was all good. And there was still Max at home. Two more years to go before his send off, two more years before my nest would be empty. I still had my motherhood role firmly intact. [click to continue…]

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